Anti-Ai Policy

Numerous brands and websites have embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate content, a practice now widespread, if not ubiquitous. Each instance where AI replaces a human in this role, ushers in a future where written content tends to be less imaginative, less personalized, and less valuable for the audience.

AI-generated content mainly involves extracting information from existing websites and rephrasing it to avoid copyright infringement, essentially appropriating the work of real people who conducted the research without proper acknowledgment.

At Culturizm, our commitment is to create relatable, authentic, and distinctly human content. We achieve this by collaborating with creative minds and industry experts and by soliciting feedback from our readers. This approach enables us to curate high-quality content, personalized inspiration collections, and share personal experiences imbued with passion and individuality.

AI falls short in providing insights into product quality, sharing first-hand testing experiences, offering opinions on the latest trends, or conducting in-depth interviews with prominent figures in the industry for feature articles.

Our content is exclusively crafted by people and subject to regular scrutiny by independent experts. We prioritize quality over quantity, dedicating time to each article to ensure it features the best images, expert opinions, and relevant content.

Furthermore, we maintain a rigorous update schedule, revisiting each article at least every three months to assess its relevance, helpfulness, and timeliness.

Our mission is to produce the finest content available and to achieve this, we spare no effort. We personally conduct research, uncover hidden facts on the internet, engage with industry insiders to capture unique narratives, and impartially test products.

Culturizm deliberately refrains from deploying AI for content creation, research, or fact-checking. We proudly stand as an independent publication staunchly committed to championing creativity in the industry, rather than substituting it with AI.

In an age where content often feels more automated than ever, our brand exudes a personal, relatable, and authentic touch—a touch meant for culture enthusiasts, from culture enthusiasts. Modernity Rules!