Editorial Guidelines

Culturizm.com is an autonomous website with a primary focus on Culture.

Our Editorial Principles

This set of editorial guidelines delineates our operational principles. If you believe our work has not adhered to these standards, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at contact@culturizm.com or via our contact page.

Our Reporting

We present stories as we perceive them, striving for accuracy without employing any form of AI. For an in-depth understanding of our stance on this technology, please refer to our Anti-AI Policy.

When sharing information that might not be readily accessible to the public or has the potential to cast individuals or organizations in a negative light, we consistently seek their input.

If we receive new information after publication, we will promptly update the existing article or, if necessary, publish a new one. In any case, our articles undergo regular review every three months to ensure timeliness, relevance, and helpfulness. They are also subject to examination by independent experts to maintain our commitment to delivering top-tier content.

If factual inaccuracies in our work are brought to our attention, we will make every effort to verify them and issue corrections if necessary.

We extend the right to reply to anyone mentioned in our stories. If you believe you or your company has been portrayed unfairly or wish to provide further insights into a story, please feel free to contact us.

We make a conscientious effort not to publish information from sources, whether named or anonymous, without attempting to corroborate it through additional sources. We protect the identities of those who provide information anonymously and do not provide monetary compensation to sources for their contributions.

When reporting on information initially uncovered by another publication, we consistently provide prominent attribution and link back to the original work whenever possible.

Our Professional Engagements

Throughout our work, we engage with independent culture experts, publishers, and other individuals and entities, maintaining professionalism in our interactions, including dealings with creative and public relations professionals.

In cases where a company ceases communication with us, often referred to as ‘blacklisting,’ we remain committed to upholding high reporting standards, objectivity, and fair analysis without being influenced by external circumstances.

Out of respect for individual experts and their creations, we refrain from discussing these matters publicly unless there is a compelling editorial reason to do so. For instance, this might occur when the publication’s integrity is at stake or when the release of vital information, such as highly anticipated reviews, would be unduly delayed.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

Culturizm’s editorial and advertising departments are wholly separate entities. The content featured on the Culturizm website and our social media channels, such as our Pinterest account, is solely determined by our editorial team and remains unaffected by commercial considerations.

Our advertising team adheres to principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency when dealing with advertisers.

We do not accept advertising that features automatic audio or includes offensive content. Moreover, we do not permit inappropriate advertising content, and we take swift action to remove it should it appear on the website. If you believe the advertisements on the site do not meet these criteria, please contact us.

On occasion, we may include links to retailers, such as Amazon, and could receive a commission from purchases made through these links. However, these links have no bearing on our editorial decisions. They are only incorporated into articles related to the relevant product and are presented in a neutral manner, e.g., “View the latest price of [this product] on Amazon.”


Culturizm is a part of Blum and Steffes NicheLink GbR, a company overseeing a variety of brands and websites, including Reslisdence, Flawliz, and Getyourgift.

It’s important to note that these ventures function independently of Culturizm’s editorial department. Whenever we cover activities conducted by our parent company, NicheLink, we will always disclose this association. However, such coverage is entirely subject to the discretion of our editorial team and is never influenced by commercial considerations.