10 Best Contemporary Novels 2024: That Will Surprise You

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I can’t wait to show my 10 best contemporary novels I can’t live without at the moment and I promise you will be surprised!

Best Contemporary Novels

1. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine


✅Eleanor's character growth is beautifully portrayed.

✅The mix of humor and heartache is expertly balanced.

✅The narrative voice is unique and engaging.


❌It's a standalone novel

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05/25/2024 08:59 pm GMT

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman is a poignant tale of Eleanor, an introverted and quirky protagonist, who embarks on a transformative journey from isolation towards human connection.

Honeyman skillfully depicts Eleanor’s deep loneliness and complex past with empathy and humor, allowing readers to deeply connect with her character.

The novel addresses serious themes like trauma and mental health with sensitivity while maintaining a balance of warmth and wit. This moving story offers both laughter and tears, leaving a lasting impression on its readers.

2. Every Summer After by Carley Fortune

Every Summer After by Carley Fortune


✅Engrossing dual timeline narrative

✅Relatable characters with profound depth

✅Perfect balance of romance and nostalgia


❌May induce a yearning for one's own past

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05/25/2024 10:56 pm GMT

Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune is a deeply engaging novel that evokes the nostalgia of summer and the intensity of first love with its vivid storytelling.

The book’s dual timeline weaves past and present into a suspenseful narrative, making the characters’ journeys feel incredibly personal and familiar.

Despite some predictable moments, the novel delivers a satisfying conclusion, offering a refreshing experience akin to a cherished memory for those seeking an absorbing contemporary romance.

3. Simply the Best by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Simply the Best by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


✅The dialogue is witty and keeps you entertained.

✅Characters are well-developed, making you invest in their journeys.

✅The Kindle features like X-Ray and Word Wise enhance the reading experience.


❌The pace may seem slow to those who prefer a more action-driven narrative

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05/25/2024 10:24 pm GMT

Simply the Best” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is an engaging and humorous novel set in the backdrop of the Chicago Stars sports world.

The book is filled with lively characters and dialogues that provide both laughter and touching moments, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort for the reader.

While it has its imperfections, with some stretches in believability and a few underdeveloped side stories, the main narrative is captivating and makes for an enjoyable, light-hearted read ideal for relaxation and escape.

4. Her Cowboy Billionaire Birthday Wish by Liz Isaacson

Her Cowboy Billionaire Birthday Wish by Liz Isaacson


✅Immersive setting

✅Charming characters

✅Seamless reading on Kindle


❌Took some time to differentiate characters

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05/25/2024 11:10 pm GMT

Her Cowboy Billionaire Birthday Wish” is a comforting and engaging romance novel that vividly paints the scenic beauty of Coral Canyon, creating a strong sense of place.

The main characters, Annie and Colton, offer a chemistry that captivates readers, driving a familiar but enjoyable romantic plot.

While the story’s predictability doesn’t detract from the charm of watching the characters’ relationship unfold, the initial introduction of various personalities may require some sorting out.

The reading experience is enhanced by the Kindle Scribe’s features such as X-Ray, sticky notes, and Word Wise, which help readers keep track of the story and stay immersed in the narrative.

5. Going Down on One Knee by Christina Hovland

Going Down on One Knee by Christina Hovland


✅The chemistry between characters is palpable, bringing alive their love story.

✅Perfect blend of humor and romance keeps the pages turning.

✅The book's accessibility on multiple devices is seamless, enhancing reading convenience.


The modern slang may not resonate with all readers, impacting immersion.

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05/25/2024 11:42 pm GMT

Going Down on One Knee” is a contemporary romance that delivers laughs and heartfelt moments through the story of Brek and Velma, whose opposite personalities create a classic yet refreshing dynamic.

The author excels in crafting witty, engaging dialogue that sets the book apart in its genre. The character development is paced realistically, contributing to a satisfying and relatable narrative.

The digital reading experience enhances the enjoyment, with Kindle features like Page Flip and Word Wise adding to the ease of diving in and out of the story.

This book is a perfect pick for those who love to get lost in a romance that feels both familiar and new and is especially suited for reading in brief interludes throughout the day.

6. Pieces of Forever by Valerie M. Bodden

Pieces of Forever by Valerie M. Bodden


✅Engaging plot with relatable characters

✅Seamless blend of romance and Christian values

✅Kindle features like X-Ray enhance the reading experience


Focuses heavily on the protagonists' inner thoughts

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05/26/2024 01:23 am GMT

Pieces of Forever” is a Christian romance novel that delves deeply into the lives of its main characters, Ava and Joseph, as they navigate personal challenges with the help of their faith.

The characters are portrayed with such depth that they feel like long-time friends, making their experiences in the town of River Falls resonate strongly with the reader.

The Kindle’s X-Ray feature enhances the reading experience by providing detailed insights into the characters’ backgrounds. While the pacing of the story may sometimes be slow, reflecting the characters’ introspective journeys, it adds authenticity to their struggles.

The novel’s strong Christian themes offer comfort to those who appreciate faith-based narratives, though it might not be to everyone’s preference.

7. No Heaven for Good Boys by Keisha Bush

No Heaven for Good Boys by Keisha Bush


✅Vividly transports you to Senegal, offering a culturally rich experience

✅Portrays complex, memorable characters with emotional depth

✅Compels with a potent mix of heartbreak and hope


❌Content can be harrowingly realistic, which might be unsettling for sensitive readers

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05/26/2024 02:08 am GMT

No Heaven for Good Boys” is a poignant and eye-opening novel that vividly brings to life the streets of Dakar, immersing readers in the rich sensory experiences of the city.

The tale of the talibés is portrayed with gripping authenticity, allowing readers to feel deeply connected to the characters and their struggles. The author’s meticulous character development ensures that readers are emotionally invested, celebrating the characters’ triumphs and empathizing with their hardships.

This novel not only entertains but also educates, leaving readers with a heightened awareness of the world and a deep admiration for the resilience of its people. The story’s lasting emotional resonance is a testament to its powerful narrative and the profound impact it has on its readers.

8. In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle


✅Engaging narrative that grips you from the start.

✅The characters feel authentic and their development is satisfying.

✅Delivers an unexpected emotional journey.


❌The ending might feel abrupt

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05/26/2024 02:40 am GMT

In Five Years” by Rebecca Serle is a compelling novel that captivates readers with its fluid writing style and lifelike characters.

The story follows the protagonist, whose unexpected glimpse into the future challenges her understanding of love and friendship, offering a unique perspective on fate and free will.

Serle’s portrayal of relationships is both authentic and intricate, with a particular emphasis on the complexities of friendship.

The ending, which juxtaposes the protagonist’s visions with her reality, delivers a bittersweet conclusion that may surprise readers and provoke contemplation, leaving a lasting impression that defies conventional romantic storytelling.

9. Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams

Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams


✅The writing is polished, with humor that genuinely made me laugh.

✅Character growth is well fleshed out, something I always appreciate.

✅The setting is charming and contributes nicely to the story's feel-good vibe.


❌If you prefer high-stakes drama, this book may feel a bit too light.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/26/2024 02:53 am GMT

Practice Makes Perfect” by Sarah Adams is a heartwarming romance novel that stands out for its sparkling wit and humor. The engaging banter between the main characters, Will and Annie, is a highlight, bringing laughter and showcasing Adams’ knack for comedic dialogue.

The development of their relationship is charming and inviting, much like a relaxing Sunday morning, encouraging readers to cheer for their success. The setting of the novel adds to its charm, providing a cozy backdrop that envelops the reader in its quaint atmosphere.

While some may find the plot lacks the high drama of other romances, the book’s gentle and comforting narrative makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a feel-good read that offers the comfort of a warm embrace.

10. The Best Is Yet to Come by Debbie Macomber

The Best Is Yet to Come by Debbie Macomber


✅Engaging storyline with relatable characters

✅Addresses real-life issues in a thoughtful manner

✅ The inclusion of a lovable dog adds a heartwarming element


❌Military themes might not resonate with all readers

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05/25/2024 12:39 am GMT

The Best Is Yet to Come” is a heartfelt novel that masterfully balances light-hearted moments with the exploration of profound personal challenges.

The author creates a rich tapestry of characters whose genuine interactions enrich the narrative, making it easy for readers to become emotionally invested in their journeys. T

he small-town setting is immersive, and the story commendably addresses sensitive topics with the necessary sensitivity, keeping an undercurrent of hope and redemption throughout.

The inclusion of military elements adds authenticity to the protagonist’s story, while the presence of a canine companion introduces an element of charm and emotional depth. This book is a warm and uplifting read, perfect for anyone looking to be swept up in a story of growth, healing, and companionship.

FAQ – Best Contemporary Novels

What is the top 10 most read book?

The top 10 most read books include “The Bible,” “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung,” “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “The Alchemist,” “The Da Vinci Code,” “The Twilight Saga,” “Gone with the Wind,” “Think and Grow Rich,” “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Which book is No 1 in the world?

“The Bible” is widely considered the most read and distributed book in the world.

What is considered contemporary novels?

Contemporary novels refer to literary works that are written and set in the present time or recent past, reflecting the current social, cultural, and political landscape. These novels often explore modern themes, issues, and perspectives relevant to contemporary society.

What is considered the best book of all time?

Determining the “best” book of all time is subjective and varies based on personal taste, cultural background, and literary criteria. However, some widely acclaimed contenders include Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment,” and Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote.”

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