10 Modern Groomsmen Outfits for Contemporary Weddings 2024

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Modern groomsmen outfits are crucial for nailing the wedding aesthetic, yet choosing the right style can be overwhelming. This guide simplifies the process, offering the latest trends and personalization tips to ensure your groomsmen look sharp and embody the wedding’s unique flair. Discover how to effortlessly coordinate contemporary yet classic attire that complements the celebration and stands the test of time.

What Defines Modern Groomsmen Outfits?

Here is all you need to know about modern groomsmen outfits!

Suits or TuxedosClassic tuxedos or modern suits, sometimes personalized in cut and color.
Color ChoicesA spectrum from neutral tones to bold hues that complement the wedding’s palette.
AccessoriesUnique, trendy additions like patterned ties, pocket squares, or boutonnieres.
ShoesSmart, polished footwear which may range from traditional Oxfords to stylish loafers.
FabricSeason-appropriate materials; lightweight for summer, heavier for winter.

What sets modern groomsmen outfits apart is the room for personalization. While we aim to coordinate with the event’s theme, we also encourage adding a bit of individual flair – think a standout watch or a custom lapel pin.

Selecting the right outfit is crucial; we aim for cohesion with the groom’s attire and the overall wedding style without eclipsing the groom.

10 Modern Groomsmen Outfit Ideas

Think of modern groomsmen outfits, images of sleek silhouettes and updated classics come to mind. Being a groomsman today means balancing sophistication with contemporary style.

10. Velvet Jackets

 Velvet Jackets modern groomsmen outfits
by Pinterest

A velvety smooth texture instantly elevates the traditional suit to something more luxurious and trendy.

9. Mismatched Suits

 Mismatched Suits modern groomsmen outfits
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Uniformity is no longer a must. Mixing and matching suit colors and styles can add a unique and individual touch to the wedding party.

8. Bold Patterned Ties

 Bold Patterned Ties modern groomsmen outfits
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Go for ties with striking patterns or vibrant colors to add personality to the outfit.

7. Casual Chic

 Casual Chic modern groomsmen outfits
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Think fitted chinos with a blazer for a relaxed, yet still put-together look.

6. Monochrome

 Monochrome modern groomsmen outfits
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All one color, like a sleek all-navy ensemble, can be both striking and stylish yet refined.

5. Classic Black Tux With a Twist

 Classic Black Tux With a Twist modern groomsmen outfits
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Traditional black tuxedos are updated with modern elements like a slim cut or unique lapel detailing.

4. Suspenders and Bow Ties

 Suspenders and Bow Ties modern groomsmen outfits
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Swap the vests for suspenders and a bow tie for a quirky, retro vibe.

3. Leather Jackets

 Leather Jackets modern groomsmen outfits
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For an edgy look, pair formal attire with a leather jacket.

2. Footwear Freedom

 Footwear Freedom modern groomsmen outfits
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Let each groomsman express himself with his choice of footwear, from stylish sneakers to classic oxfords.

1. Pastel Suits

 Pastel Suits modern groomsmen outfits
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Perfect for spring or summer, light-colored suits make a fresh and light statement.

These outfits are not just fashion statements but a way for groomsmen to feel comfortable and confident on the big day.

Decoding Groomsmen Attire

When we discuss modern groomsmen outfits, it’s all about striking the right balance between formality and personal style, as well as coordinating with the wedding theme.

Understanding Formality Levels

Formality is a spectrum in wedding attire, and groomsmen outfits may sit anywhere from strictly formal to laid-back casual. Here’s how we can decode it:

  • Black Tie: Opt for a classic tuxedo with all the trimmings: bow tie, cummerbund, and patent shoes.
  • Formal: A suit is the go-to, with a conservative tie and leather dress shoes.
  • Semi-Formal: Mix it up with a blazer and slacks, possibly ditching the tie.
  • Casual: Think of relaxed fits, maybe chinos with a button-down shirt, and even stylish sneakers.

The Role of the Wedding Theme

The theme of the wedding dictates the style for groomsmen. We’ll see that in a garden setting, light fabrics and softer colors are popular, while a beach theme might introduce even more relaxed elements, like linen shirts. Conversely, in a formal wedding theme, darker hues and more structured suits are staple, as they convey a sense of elegance and timeless grace. The coordination with the bridesmaids and overall color palette ensures the wedding party looks unified and complementary to the couple’s chosen aesthetic.

Selecting the Right Suit

When choosing modern groomsmen outfits, the right suit is essential for achieving a polished look that complements the wedding’s theme. It’s about pinpointing the ideal balance between elegance, comfort, and cohesion with the wedding palette.

Tuxedo Versus Suit

Tuxedo: Ideal for evening and formal weddings, tuxedos are the epitome of sophistication. They typically feature satin details and are paired with bow ties and cummerbunds or vests.

Suit: More versatile, suits can be worn at various levels of formality. They lack satin lapels but come in various cuts and styles suitable for any time of day.

When deciding between a tuxedo or suit, consider the formality of your event and the personal style of your groomsmen.

Material Matters: Wool, Linen, and More

Wool: Classic and versatile, wool suits are perfect for most climates and come in various weights.

  • Lightweight wool: Ideal for spring and summer.
  • Heavier wool: Best for fall and winter weddings.

Linen: A great choice for outdoor, beach, or summer weddings due to its breathability, though it wrinkles easily.

  • Blends: To minimize wrinkles, consider linen blends.

Color Coordination and Patterns

When selecting the color scheme for your groomsmen, consider the following:

  • Earth Tones: Great for outdoor or rustic weddings, they offer a laid-back yet stylish vibe.
  • Navy Blue: A versatile hue that works well in both casual and formal settings.
  • Black Suit: Timeless and formal, a black suit is a safe choice for evening events.

For patterns, subtle stripes or checks can add a hint of personality without overwhelming. Always ensure the patterns complement the wedding’s color palette and theme.

Accessorizing the Look

When we talk about modern groomsmen outfits, accessories are what truly personalize and elevate the ensemble. From the sparkle of cufflinks to the hues of a pocket square, each piece plays a vital role in the final look.

The Significance of Pocket Squares and Cufflinks

Pocket squares and cufflinks are the quintessential accessories that add a formal touch to our attire. A well-chosen pocket square brings a pop of color and sophistication, harmonizing with the wedding theme. On the other hand, cufflinks serve as a subtle nod to personal style or even the occasion, especially when they’re monogrammed cufflinks, adding that special bespoke element.

Tying It All Together with Ties and Bow Ties

A tie or bow tie is more than just a necessity; it’s a statement piece that ties our whole look together. Whether we choose a long, sleek tie or a classic bow tie, this accessory is essential in distinguishing the groomsmen from the rest of the wedding party. Choosing ties with unique accessories like a distinctive pattern or fabric texture will ensure we stand out.

Socks and Suspenders for a Personal Touch

Socks and suspenders may be less visible, but they’re no less important. Vibrant or unique socks can add a playful touch or a hint of personality peeking out from under our trousers. Meanwhile, suspenders provide not just function but also style, bringing a vintage charm or a modern twist to our look, depending on the design.

Seasonal Considerations

When it comes to modern groomsmen outfits, the season will significantly influence our choice of fabrics and styles. Our aim is to match the wedding attire to both the formality and the weather conditions.

Summer Weddings: Seersucker and Linen

For summer weddings, we’re often looking for fabrics that breathe well and keep us cool. Seersucker is a puckered fabric commonly striped or checked, perfect for creating a relaxed yet sophisticated look. It’s particularly suited for casual summer weddings. Linen, on the other hand, is lightweight and a staple choice for a smart, comfortable summer groomsmen attire.


  • Seersucker: Ideal for its cooling properties
  • Linen: Light and breathable, perfect for high temperatures

Winter Weddings: Velvet and Tweed

Winter ceremonies call for materials that offer warmth and texture. Velvet blazers can add a luxurious touch to groomsmen outfits, looking stylish while providing extra warmth. Tweed is another excellent choice for colder weather, giving a classic and rustic feel while also being practical for winter weddings.


  • Velvet: Adds warmth with a plush texture
  • Tweed: Durable and warm with a timeless appeal

Where to Shop for Modern Groomsmen Outfits

When it comes to selecting modern groomsmen outfits, we have the luxury of choosing between traditional stores and convenient online options to find that perfect look for the wedding party.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores Versus Online Shopping

Brick-and-Mortar Stores:

  • Men’s Wearhouse: Great for tailored trousers and matching suits, offering a range of formal attire with a modern touch.
  • Convenience: In-store measuring and fitting sessions.
  • Experience: Personal service and immediate alterations.

Online Shopping:

  • The Modern Groom: Specializes in groom and groomsmen suits that are stylish and easily accessible.
  • Generation Tux: Offers up-to-date trends in groomsmen attire and allows for planning directly from your screen.
  • Convenience: Shop from anywhere and easy delivery options.
  • Variety: More styles and customization features at your fingertips.

Rental Options and Tailoring Services

Rental Options:

  • Renting vs. Buying: Cost-effective, ideal for one-time use, especially when looking for formal attire that won’t be worn often.
  • Tailoring Services: Many rental stores offer tailored fits to ensure the wedding party looks cohesive.

Tailoring Services:

  • In-Store Customizations: Brick-and-mortar options like Men’s Wearhouse offer tailoring services for a personalized fit.
  • Online Tailoring: Some online shops provide guidance on measuring for a more custom fit that can then be tailored locally if needed.

When planning a wedding, choosing where to shop for your modern groomsmen outfits will depend on your preferences for convenience, variety, and personal service. Whether it’s the classic experience of a store or the efficiency of online shopping, there are options to suit every groom’s needs.

FAQ – Modern Groomsmen Outfits

What color is best for groomsmen?

The most popular and versatile groomsmen suit colors are navy blue and charcoal grey, suitable for various wedding themes and seasons.

Who pays for groomsmen attire?

Traditionally, groomsmen pay for their own suits, whether they are purchasing them outright or renting them.

Should groomsmen wear tux or suit?

Groomsmen can wear either a tuxedo or a suit depending on the formality of the wedding. Tuxedos are more formal and typically worn for evening or black-tie events, while suits are versatile and suitable for various levels of formality, including semi-formal or casual weddings.

What’s a normal amount of groomsmen?

A normal amount of groomsmen is typically around 5.3 groomsmen per wedding on average. However, anywhere from 3 to 6 is common, and the number can vary based on personal preference and the size of the wedding.

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