Modern Matte Black Door Knobs

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Elevate your home’s aesthetic with our Modern Matte Black Door Knobs – sleek, durable, and perfect for a contemporary touch.

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Specifications of our Modern Matte Black Door Knobs

  • Product Type: Door Knob
  • Size: 9,6cm 12,8cm, 16cm, 19,2cm, 22,4cm, 25,6cm, 28,8cm, 32cm, 48cm
  • Style: Contemporary, Modern
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Material: High-quality metal alloy
  • Mechanism: Smooth-turning, reliable latch mechanism
  • Compatibility: Universal fit for most standard-sized interior doors
  • Installation: Easy to install; comes with all necessary mounting hardware
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance; resistant to fingerprints and smudges
  • Durability: Designed for longevity and frequent use
  • Security: Provides privacy and security for any room
  • Package Contents: 1x Door Knob, Mounting Hardware
  • Intended Use: Interior doors such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and other private spaces
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable materials
  • Color: Matte Black for a sleek and sophisticated look

Moreover, our Modern Matte Black Door Knobs are an environmentally friendly choice. The materials used in their construction are selected with sustainability in mind, ensuring that you are making a responsible purchase for your home. Shop Now!


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