Special 80’s Contemporary House Exterior Makeover Ideas 2024

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Transform your home with an 80’s contemporary house exterior makeover that merges timeless design with modern sensibilities. Our concise guide offers impactful solutions to rejuvenate your home’s facade, ensuring it captures the essence of the era while radiating a fresh, standout appeal.

Understanding 80’s House Exterior Characteristics

When we think about an 80’s contemporary house exterior makeover, it’s essential to recognize the defining characteristics that make these homes stand out. The architecture of the era embraced particular forms and materials which now, decades later, may present a dated appearance

Distinctive Style Elements

The 80s was a time that celebrated bold expressions in architectural design. Houses often featured geometric lines and asymmetrical shapes, making them immediately recognizable. It wasn’t uncommon to see angular roofs and oversized windows that broke from the traditional designs of earlier decades. Exterior details like faux columns and large, sweeping driveways typified the indulgence of the period.

Materials and Textures in 80s Architecture

Materials played a significant role in the visual identity of an 80s house. Brick was heavily utilized, not just for its durability but also for the warmth it provided to the design. Wood and stone were other common materials, liberally applied to create texture and contrast. Houses often boasted cedar siding, which has since become a telltale sign of age as it weathers. Siding and paneling, usually in vertical patterns, were popular for their ease of installation and cost efficiency. These materials and textures combined to encapsulate the essence of 80s style—on the brink of modern but still rooted in the traditions of house building.

 80's Contemporary House Exterior Makeover
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Contemporary Makeover Inspirations

When we tackle an 80’s contemporary house exterior makeover, we’re breathing new life into a classic design, ensuring modernity meets timeless charm.

Modernizing with New Elements

To truly modernize our contemporary home, incorporating new elements is key. We might think about adding sleek window designs that not only improve natural lighting but also increase our home’s visual appeal. Another aspect could be upgrading outdoor fixtures with contemporary materials that complement the home’s original design.

  • Windows: Upgraded to energy-efficient, modern frames
  • Fixtures: Replaced with minimalist, contemporary designs

Consider also the impact of integrating smart home technology. This adds a practical, modern twist that’s as functional as it is stylish.

Color Scheme and Curb Appeal

Enhancing the curb appeal of an 80’s contemporary house often starts with a fresh color scheme. Bold contrasts or monochromatic palettes can highlight the unique architectural elements of our home.

  • Bold Contrast: Dark hues like Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore against lighter accents
  • Monochromatic: Varying shades of a single color to create texture and depth

By thoughtfully selecting colors, we accentuate the home’s modern style and character without distorting its essential contemporary nature. Landscaping also plays a pivotal role in enhancing curb appeal. Strategic plantings and modern hardscaping can create a welcoming pathway to our home’s entrance.

 80's Contemporary House Exterior Makeover ideas
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Upgrading the Home Exterior

Embarking on an 80’s contemporary house exterior makeover, we’re focusing on enhancing the curb appeal and updating critical elements like windows and doors. The key to a successful renovation lies in maintaining the home’s architectural integrity while infusing modern touches.

Window and Door Refresh Strategies

Windows and doors are pivotal in defining the look of our home. We can breathe new life into the façade by installing new windows with energy-efficient glass and fresh trim. Window boxes and shutters add a layer of charm, while garage door updates can drive the transformation home.

  • Choosing New Windows: We opt for windows that reflect our home’s unique character, keeping in mind both aesthetic and insulation qualities.
  • Door Upgrades: Replacing our front door or just revamping it with new hardware and paint can make an impressive impact.

Enhancing Front Porch and Entryway

Our front porch serves as the entry point to our dwelling, setting the tone for the entire home.

  • Update Light Fixtures: Choosing modern light fixtures that complement our home’s style brightens up the porch and elevates the ambiance.
  • Add Accents: Installing a new mailbox, house numbers, or planters are small touches that can significantly enhance the porch’s allure.

By implementing these strategies, we ensure our 80’s contemporary house stands out with a fresh, updated exterior that exudes welcoming vibes.

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Improving Outdoor Living Spaces

As we dive into revitalizing the outdoor aspect of an 80’s contemporary house exterior makeover, we realize the essence of merging functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our focus will be on transforming patios and backyards and weaving nature into the design, creating an inviting and harmonious outdoor sanctuary.

Patio and Backyard Transformation

Revamping our patio and backyard is a game-changer for any ranch home, breathing new life into the space. We start by choosing durable and stylish materials that cater to both comfort and elegance. Incorporating benches and a pergola can define the area, providing both shade and a defined space for entertaining or relaxation. Strategic landscaping plays a vital role; well-placed trees and vibrant flowers enhance the area’s allure while ensuring privacy.

  • Select furniture that withstands the elements and complements the home’s exterior
  • Add a pergola for shaded seating areas
  • Use planters to integrate seasonal plants and flowers for color
  • Install trees for privacy and to frame the patio area

Incorporating Nature into Design

In an 80’s contemporary home, the seamless integration of nature uplifts the overall ambiance. By placing emphasis on natural materials and elements, we invite a sense of calm and serenity into our outdoor areas. Opting for native plants and flowers not only supports the local ecosystem but also minimizes maintenance. Enhancing natural light can be achieved through the thoughtful placement of planters and reflective surfaces.

  • Choose native plants and flowers to enhance the local ecosystem and reduce upkeep
  • Amplify natural light with reflective garden features and light-colored materials
 speacial 80's Contemporary House Exterior Makeover
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Our 80’s Contemporary House Exterior Makeover Tips

Embarking on an 80’s contemporary house exterior makeover can be an exhilarating journey filled with creativity and transformation. For us, we’ve found that revitalizing the distinct angular lines and unique design elements can bring our home into this era while respecting its original character.

Refresh the PaintChoose modern hues that complement the home’s architecture, such as soft neutrals or bold accents. For example, our window trim got a fresh coat, reminiscent of Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore.
Update the LightingInstall energy-efficient lighting that enhances the home’s facade and provides ample illumination for security and ambiance.
Incorporate Natural MaterialsAdding elements like stone or wood can infuse warmth into the stark lines of the 80’s style.
Enhance the LandscapeA well-thought-out garden can emphasize the home’s architectural features and add splashes of color.
Focus on the Front DoorMake a statement with a modern door that stands out or blends seamlessly with the new exterior palette.
Add New Hardware and AccessoriesReplace dated hardware with contemporary pieces for an instant upgrade.

Incorporating these tips into our makeover strategy helped us not only modernize but also personalize our home’s appearance. We learned that balancing contemporary upgrades with the home’s inherent style results in a harmonious design that feels both current and timeless.

FAQ – 80’s Contemporary House Exterior Makeover

How to update 1980s house exterior?

Revamp your 1980s house exterior with fresh paint in modern hues, update fixtures and lighting, enhance landscaping, add architectural details like shutters or trim, replace worn siding or add cladding, and consider contemporary elements like a new front door or sleek garage doors for a modern touch.

How do you update a contemporary home exterior?

Refresh a contemporary home’s exterior by painting in trending colors, incorporating clean lines with new siding or cladding, upgrading lighting fixtures for modern flair, enhancing landscaping with geometric shapes, adding smart home features like sleek doorbells, and considering eco-friendly elements such as solar panels or green roofs for sustainability.

How can I make the outside of my house more modern?

To modernize your house exterior, consider repainting with contemporary colors, adding clean-lined landscaping, updating fixtures and lighting, integrating sleek materials like metal or glass, installing modern doors and windows, incorporating smart home features, and enhancing architectural elements with minimalistic design for a sleek, cohesive look.

How do you Modernise an exterior house?

To modernize an exterior, start with a fresh coat of paint in contemporary colors. Update fixtures and lighting for a sleek look. Incorporate clean lines with new siding or cladding. Add modern elements like large windows, minimalist landscaping, and smart technology. Consider architectural changes for a more streamlined appearance.

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