10 BEST Contemporary Dance Costumes in 2024 | #6 is Favorite

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Discover the perfect contemporary dance costume to enhance your performance. The right attire is crucial—it must not only mirror the fluidity of your movements but also encapsulate the spirit of your routine.

Evolution of Contemporary Dance Costumes

The way we dress for contemporary dance reflects not just our aesthetic but the very spirit of this versatile performance art.

In selecting the perfect contemporary dance costume, it’s vital to choose an outfit that not only fits well and allows for full range of motion but also visually conveys the emotion and story of the dance. The costume should be made of durable, high-quality materials and reflect the choreography’s theme through thoughtful design and color choice.

From Traditional to Modern

Initially, ballet heavily influenced the attire with tight-fitting, body-revealing garments that emphasized the dancer’s form. As dance evolved, so did the costume, with jazz and lyrical styles bringing more fluidity and softness in design.

Influence of Dance Styles

Hip hop brought street fashion to the stage, adding an edgy, urban touch. Each genre from jazz to hip hop has left its mark, transforming the contemporary dance costume into what we see today—diverse, expressive, and as dynamic as the dance itself.

Design and Aesthetics

We all understand that a contemporary dance costume is much more than attire; it’s a canvas for artists to express the spirit of their performance. The design and aesthetics profoundly impact the overall presentation and can intensify the audience’s emotional experience.

contemporary dance costume


Color Significance

The colors we select for our costumes carry enormous weight in conveying mood and story. For instance, deeper hues might reflect sorrow or intensity, while brighter tones can evoke energy and joy.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

  • Blue: Calmness or sadness
  • Red: Passion or anger
  • Yellow: Joy or vitality
  • Black: Mystery or power

Choosing the Right Type

Picking the right type of costume is pivotal. It’s about balancing style with functionality to ensure that dancers can move freely while also delivering the intended visual impact.

Here’s what to consider:

  • Fit: Snug yet flexible for unrestricted movement
  • Fabric: Breathable materials that complement the dance form
  • Style: Echoes the dance theme and choreography

Remember, the costume should serve as an extension of the performance, telling a story without saying a word.

contemporary dance costumes


Practical Aspects of Dancewear

When we step into the world of contemporary dance, our costume is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s our second skin. The right contemporary dance costume ensures that each movement is executed without restriction, allowing us, the dancers, to fully express the choreography’s intent. Comfort, sizing, material, and durability are not just considerations; they are essentials.

Comfort and Sizing

Comfort is paramount in dancewear. Our costumes need to fit like a glove, whether we’re slipping into leotards or flowing dresses and skirts.

Checklist for ensuring the right fit:

  • Bust/Waist/Hips: Measure accurately to find the perfect size
  • Movement: The costume must not constrict any dance moves
  • Adjustments: Look for adjustable straps or bands when necessary

Sizing varies across brands, so we always recommend checking the specific size chart for each manufacturer. Remember, the goal is for sizes to cater to a wide range of body types, so everyone can find their match.

Material and Durability

Our tops, leotards, bottoms, and other apparel are crafted from materials designed for longevity. Durable fabrics like polyester and spandex blends provide both stretch and strength for repeated use.

For durability, prioritize:

  • High-quality fabric: It withstands intense dance routines
  • Maintenance: Easy-to-clean items save us time and preserve the costume’s life

Our 10 Recommendations

When we step on stage, the right contemporary dance costume can be just as impactful as the performance itself. From the sleek lines of a modern ensemble to the grace of a flowing skirt, each piece reflects our artistic expression.

1. Modern & Minimal

Modern & Minimal: We love the elegance of simplicity; a single bold color, clean lines, and a form-fitting silhouette make this style a go-to.

Modern & Minimal contemporary dance costume


2. Modest Briefs

Modest Briefs: For those who prioritize comfort and coverage, we opt for modest briefs that offer full coverage without sacrificing style.

Modest Briefs contemporary dance costume


3. Open Front Skirts

Open Front Skirts: Fluidity meets form with open front skirts, allowing for unrestricted movement while adding a touch of drama as they billow with each step or spin.

Open Front Skirts contemporary dance costumes


4. Leotards

Leotards: A staple in any dancer’s wardrobe, the leotard is all about showcasing the dancer’s physique and lines with its second-skin fit.

Leotards contemporary dance costume


5. Sheer Maxi Skirts

Sheer Maxi Skirts: We adore the whimsical touch of sheer maxi skirts; they’re light, airy, and truly enhance our movements on stage.

Sheer Maxi Skirts contemporary dance costume


6. The Romantic Look (My favorite)

The Romantic Look: Think soft fabrics, gentle ruffles, and a hint of old-world charm that can turn a simple choreography into a storytelling masterpiece.

contemporary dance costume


7. Mesh Insets

Mesh Insets: Mesh adds a contemporary edge and a bit of intrigue by playing with transparency and layers without compromising on functionality.

Mesh Insets contemporary dance costumes


8. Ombre

Ombre: The gradient effect of ombre brings a dynamic visual element and can represent our emotions—from subtle to intense throughout the performance.

Ombre contemporary dance costume


9. Low, Open Backs

Low, Open Backs: There’s something truly captivating about a costume with a low, open back. It’s both daring and delicate, offering a surprise element as we turn away from the audience.

Low, Open Backs contemporary dance costume


10. Neutrals & Blush Pink

Neutrals & Blush Pink: We embrace the understated beauty of neutrals and blush pink. These tones are versatile, flattering, and provide a canvas for our dance to be the focal point.

Neutrals & Blush Pink contemporary dance costume



What costumes are worn for contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance costumes vary but often include leotards, mesh insets, and sheer maxi skirts for a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Do contemporary dancers wear leotards?

Yes, contemporary dancers often wear leotards as part of their costumes for both functionality and aesthetics.

What is the attire of modern dance?

The attire for modern dance typically includes a solid-color leotard or tee shirt paired with footless tights, leggings, or long shorts, allowing for a full range of motion and flexibility.

What makes a good dance costume?

A good dance costume effectively incorporates the concept, uses the right fabric, and is a result of a conversation with the dancer, ensuring it complements the choreography and allows the dancer to move freely without restriction.

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