10 Best Contemporary Christian Music Albums in 2024

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Discover the best contemporary Christian music albums that blend spiritual depth with modern sounds for an uplifting listening experience. These albums not only resonate with today’s audience but also provide a powerful connection to faith through relatable themes and top-notch production. 

Best Contemporary Christian Music Albums

Casting Crowns

My Favorite
Casting Crowns


✅Engaging lyrics with deep spiritual messages

✅High production quality with a seamless blend of instruments

✅Variety in music style catering to different tastes


❌May not appeal to those looking for traditional hymns

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05/09/2024 03:23 am GMT
  • The first studio album by Casting Crowns offers a pop-rock sound with powerful Christian lyrics, providing an immersive and faith-filled auditory experience.
  • The album features a blend of guitar, keyboard, and violin, with instrumental arrangements that complement the vocals, contributing to its critical acclaim.
  • It includes a variety of musical styles, from upbeat anthems to reflective ballads, with lyrics that encourage listeners to contemplate their faith and actions.
  • The vinyl version of the album lacks some tracks found on the CD, and its rock-inspired sound may not appeal to those who prefer traditional worship music.

WOW Worship Lime

WOW Worship [Deluxe Edition]


✅Refreshes the soul with its diverse mix of worship hits

✅Nine new spellbinding songs that enhance my mornings

✅Double disc offers a generous two hours and 39 minutes of heartfelt worship


❌Song variety might overwhelm listeners preferring specific artists or worship styles

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05/09/2024 03:38 am GMT
  • The “WOW Worship Lime” compilation features a serene collection of powerful worship songs by various artists, including Chris Tomlin and Hillsong United, providing an uplifting start to the day.
  • Bonus tracks in the album are seen as hidden gems, offering a blend of innovation and familiarity in worship music, catering to those who appreciate both new and classic worship anthems.
  • Owning the tangible CD allows for an appreciation of the evolution of Christian music, with lyrics that tell a story of faith and hope, enhancing the listener’s sense of community with other believers.
  • The album’s generous run time extends the worship experience beyond morning devotionals to various moments of the day, although some listeners have reported playback issues with the second disc.

Contemporary CCM Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music


✅Exceptionally thorough and informative

✅Includes a PDF version of the content

✅Written with clear passion that's contagious


Sheer volume can be a bit overwhelming

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05/09/2024 03:53 am GMT
  • The “Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (Recent Releases)” offers a comprehensive and detailed exploration of the contemporary Christian music genre, serving as an essential resource for fans and researchers.
  • The book is praised for its passionate and informative entries, making it an excellent tool for discovering new artists and understanding the history behind favorite songs.
  • It exceeds expectations in terms of condition and usability, with the robust physical copy complemented by an accessible PDF version for on-the-go reference.
  • Despite its value as a resource, the encyclopedia is a substantial read in both content and physical weight, which may be challenging for some readers but remains a treasured reference for enthusiasts.

Top Christian Hits Songbook

Top Christian Hits of 2019-2020


✅Offers a variety of popular contemporary Christian songs

✅Easy-to-follow music notation

✅Suitable for piano, vocal, and guitar


❌The "easy piano" label might be misleading for some

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05/09/2024 03:53 am GMT
  • The “Top Christian Hits of 2019-2020 Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook” offers a diverse selection of popular hymns and contemporary Christian music, each with meaningful messages of faith and hope enhancing the playing experience.
  • The songbook features clear and well-structured music notation, making it easy for musicians to follow along and ideal for those seeking both simplicity and room for creative expression.
  • Flexible arrangements within the book cater to skilled musicians who prefer to personalize their playing style, adding to the enjoyment of the music.
  • While the songbook may present a challenge for beginners, it serves as a rewarding collection for those who wish to engage with the recent Christian music landscape through playing and singing.

WOW Hits 2019 Deluxe

WOW Hits 2019 [Deluxe Edition]


✅Wide range of popular Christian artists

✅Provides hours of inspiring music

✅High-quality, well-mastered sound


Some songs may feel overplayed if you frequently listen to Christian radio

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05/09/2024 04:10 am GMT
  • WOW Hits 2019 features a diverse range of Christian artists, providing a mix of upbeat praise songs and contemplative worship ballads, akin to a personal music festival experience.
  • The compilation includes a generous offering of thirty-six tracks across two CDs, ensuring a varied and refreshing playlist for different moods and moments, ideal for long commutes.
  • The sound quality of the album is notable, with clear audio that enhances the listening experience, demonstrating high production values that can evoke a strong emotional response.
  • Some downsides include the potential over-familiarity of tracks for frequent Christian radio listeners, the fragility of the CD case as evidenced by damage upon arrival, and the sentimentality associated with WOW Hits 2019 being the final installment in the series.

Rise Up by CAIN

Rise Up


✅Vibrant and relatable lyrics

✅Varied musical arrangements that keep you engaged

✅Songs that carry positive and empowering messages


Could be considered a bit too contemporary for traditional gospel listeners

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05/09/2024 04:10 am GMT
  • CAIN’s album “Rise Up” consistently provides an uplifting and energizing listening experience, maintaining its freshness and appeal even after numerous plays.
  • The band’s music, characterized by its upbeat rhythms and catchy hooks, serves as an excellent soundtrack for daily activities and encourages spontaneous singing and foot-tapping.
  • The lyrics resonate deeply, often reflecting personal sentiments and prayers, which enhances the emotional connection to the songs.
  • The album appeals to a wide range of listeners, evidenced by its popularity during family drives and the ability of songs like “The Commission” to engage both children and adults with its message.
  • Although the album may be considered short in duration, its content is rich with soul and authenticity, leaving a profound impact on the listener.

The Joy of Rutter

John Rutter Piano Album


✅Authentic Rutter arrangements

✅Suitable for various skill levels

✅Lyrics included for deeper connection to the music


❌Not as complex as original choral works

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05/09/2024 04:53 am GMT
  • The Joy of Rutter” provides a personal exploration of John Rutter’s choral works through piano transcriptions, offering an intimate musical experience akin to a private audience with the composer.
  • The collection is designed to be accessible to pianists of varying skill levels, with simplified arrangements that invite novices while still capturing the poignant harmonies that can be appreciated by more experienced players.
  • Lyrics are included with the piano transcriptions, enhancing the depth and recalling the full choral experience of the original compositions.
  • While the album is cherished for its personal interpretive opportunities, it may leave virtuosic players desiring more complexity and those familiar with the full choral works missing the orchestral richness, especially with a relatively limited selection of only eight pieces.

Tender Mercies Sacred Cello

Tender Mercies Sacred Cello


✅Enthralling cello performances that stir the soul

✅Varied selection of hymns, each rich with emotion

✅High-quality recording that captures the nuanced expressions


Not every track might align with personal hymn preferences

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05/09/2024 04:53 am GMT
  • Tender Mercies Sacred Cello” is a deeply soothing album that showcases Steven Sharp Nelson’s exceptional cello mastery, with each track displaying precision and emotive quality.
  • The music envelops the listener in a serene sanctuary, providing a peaceful escape from everyday life and a new perspective on familiar hymn arrangements.
  • The album has a profound spiritual and historical resonance, encouraging reflection and introspection through its grounded and tranquil melodies.
  • Incorporating ‘Tender Mercies’ into daily routines, such as evening relaxation or meditation, enhances the experience with its calming influence, demonstrating the power of music to move and comfort the soul.

For King & Country’s Latest

What Are We Waiting For?


Inspiring message for contemporary times

✅High-quality, emotionally charged musical arrangements

✅Collaboration with top-notch artists adds diversity


Emotionally intense, may not suit all moods

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05/09/2024 05:09 am GMT
  • For King & Country’s album “What Are We Waiting For?” offers a dynamic and comforting array of songs, serving as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos of modern life.
  • The album addresses relevant contemporary themes, backed by high production quality, which results in an immersive auditory experience when played on vinyl.
  • Tracks such as “Relate” and “Love Me Like I AM” deliver profound messages on human connection and unity, reflective of the Smallbone brothers’ mission to inspire togetherness.
  • Contributions from guest artists Dante Bowe, Kirk Franklin, and Tori Kelly add diversity and richness to the album, enhancing its appeal and depth.
  • The music is distinctive in its ability to uplift the spirit, reinforce faith, and foster a sense of community, making “What Are We Waiting For?” a rare and impactful listening experience.

Holy Water by We The Kingdom

Holy Water


✅The album's genuine emotion is palpable in every track.

✅"Holy Water" has a diversity of songs that blend worship with modern pop-rock sound.

✅Vocal performances across the album are absolutely stunning, showcasing exceptional talent.


It's a debut album, so there's a natural longing for more depth in their next work.

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05/09/2024 05:25 am GMT
  • Holy Water” by We The Kingdom captivates listeners with its powerful lyrics and gripping melodies, offering an authentic emotional experience that uplifts and reinforces faith.
  • The album is a mainstay in the listener’s daily routine, growing in meaning with each replay and providing a rich backdrop to everyday life.
  • A mix of fervent worship anthems and introspective ballads lends the album versatility, making it suitable for both communal celebrations and private contemplation.
  • Tracks like “God So Loved” resonate deeply, bolstering faith and fostering a sense of unity among listeners.

FAQ – Best Contemporary Christian Music Albums

What is the best selling Christian album of all time?

The best-selling Christian album of all time is “Lead Me On” by Amy Grant, released in 1988. It achieved mainstream success and critical acclaim, blending pop, rock, and contemporary Christian music.

Who is the number 1 Christian artist?

The title of the number one Christian artist is subjective and can vary depending on factors like album sales, chart rankings, and cultural impact. However, artists like TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, and MercyMe are often considered among the top in the genre.

Who won Grammy for contemporary Christian?

The Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album is presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The most recent winners include artists like Kanye West, Lauren Daigle, and Zach Williams.

Is there a Grammy category for Christian music?

Yes, the Grammy Awards have multiple categories dedicated to Christian music. Some of these categories include Best Contemporary Christian Music Album, Best Gospel Album, Best Gospel Performance/Song, and Best Roots Gospel Album, among others. These categories recognize excellence in various genres within Christian music.

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