9 Emerging Contemporary Abstract Artists To Watch in 2024

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Discover the world of contemporary abstract artists, who masterfully convey intricate emotions and thoughts through their art. These innovators push beyond traditional figurative styles, engaging with bold colors, shapes, and textures. Delve into their unique visions that challenge perceptions and offer a myriad of personal interpretations. Join us in celebrating the limitless possibilities of modern abstract art.

What is Contemporary Abstract Art?

Exploring the works of contemporary abstract artists reveals a vibrant and dynamic art form that challenges the traditional representations of reality.

Definition of Contemporary Abstract Art

Contemporary Abstract ArtA genre of art without a clear reference to physical reality, focusing on shapes, forms, colors, and gestural marks.

Abstract art is ever-evolving, and in its contemporary form, it remains at the forefront of pushing artistic boundaries. This genre is characterized by its emphasis on visual elements rather than depicting recognizable subjects from the real world.

Contemporary Abstract Artists

Now let’s get started with the most interesting contemporary abstract artists!

1. Ana Dévora

When we explore the world of contemporary abstract artists, Ana Dévora’s name stands out. Her artistry seamlessly blends techniques across various media to tell unique stories, creating conversations between artwork and space.

Ana Dévora art


Bachelor in Fine Arts UCM MadridEstablished visual artist in cinematography, photography, and painting.
Master in Cinematography Shot Academy RomeKnown for site-specific installations.
Postgraduate in Cinematography GCI Los AngelesCreates narratives around human experiences and our interactions with nature and technology.

Ana’s works, such as Static Noise VI and Pattern Interrupt I, exhibit her deep engagement with the invisible aspects of human psychology, often alluding to the unseen elements of the individual psyche. Through her multidisciplinary approach, she crafts stories that delve into our habits and how we process information and experience in our modern world. Her intriguing Golden Chip V and the series of Pattern Interrupt pieces represent her continuous dialogue with the viewers, inviting us to question our perception and connection with the ever-evolving digital realm.

Ana Dévora stretches our understanding of abstract expression and the narrative power of contemporary art. Her artistic contributions are not only a reflection of her technical prowess but also a testament to the profound ability of abstract art to engage with the intricacies of human experience.

2. Jadé Fadojutimi

Born in 1993 in London, this talented painter has quickly established herself on the international art scene. Fadojutimi’s work is known for its rich textures and complex layers. The themes of identity, memory, and place are intricately woven into her canvases.

Jadé Fadojutimi art

Pinterest  Photo by Eva Herzog. Courtesy of the artist and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London.

EducationMA Painting, Royal College of Art, London
Notable Works“My Velocity of Thought” and “The Woven Warped Garden of Ponder”

Her expressive pieces, such as “My Velocity of Thought” and “The Woven Warped Garden of Ponder,” cast a compelling spell of narratives told through bold colors and gestural brushstrokes. They offer us an intimate glimpse into Fadojutimi’s introspective world—a world where every stroke and hue is laden with meaning.

Her work does not only represent the ethos of contemporary art but also stands as a testament to the way abstract imagery can evoke feelings and thoughts that transcend literal interpretation, telling stories that reflect the complex nature of individual experience.

3. Jeffrey Tover

As lovers of contemporary abstract art, we’re constantly on the lookout for artists who bring vibrancy and depth to their work. Jeffrey Tover stands out as one such artist with his compelling use of color and texture.

Jeffrey Tover art

Pinterest COLORFUL THINGS & OLDER WORKS — Jeffrey Tover

Education and RolesDetails
Professional StatusContemporary Abstract Artist
Past RolesBoard Chair, Arts Benicia
LocationBenicia Arsenal, CA

Tover’s creations are a testament to his skill and imagination. Among his numerous works, two notable pieces resonate well with us:

  • “SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW”: Featured at ESTEY GALLERY, this exhibit showcased Tover’s dynamic range and capacity to juxtapose various themes and techniques.
  • Commission Work: Tover also engages in creating personalized pieces, celebrating the connection between the art and its admirers.

The essence of his art lies not just in the visual appeal but in the emotional resonance his pieces evoke in us. Each stroke and color choice is a deliberate step towards creating a dialogue with the viewer, making his work a valuable addition to any collection. His presence in the contemporary abstract artists’ realm is inspirational and influential.

4. Arielle Austin

As we explore the vibrant world of contemporary abstract artists, Arielle Austin stands out with her unique approach to art. Based in Austin, Texas, Arielle’s creative process delves into the complexities of intimacy and engagement between artist and observer.

Arielle Austin art

Acrylic, modeling paste, charcoal on 24” x 24” canvas Realizing Abundance by Arielle Austin

2022Monira Foundation Artist Residency at Mana Contemporary
2023Exhibited works “Bougainvillea” and “From Prose To Poetry”

Her works, like the sublime “Bougainvillea” and the thought-provoking “From Prose To Poetry,” showcase her talent for layering and texturing that invites us into a deeper conversation with the art.

Arielle’s dedication to her craft not only shines through her pieces but also in her commitment to facilitating workshops, where she guides others in finding their voice within abstract painting. Her influence extends through various exhibitions, such as those held at The George Washington Carver Museum and The Other Art Fair in Dallas, making her a notable figure in our community.

5. Ruairiadh O’Connell

As contemporary abstract artists reshape the way we perceive art, Ruairiadh O’Connell stands out with his unique contributions to the field. He skillfully blurs the lines between different disciplines, inviting us to view the world through a vibrant, interpretive lens.

Ruairiadh O’Connell art


Ruairiadh O’Connell
Heydaze, 2019
Resin, jesmonite
24 1/8 x 17 3/8 x 1/2 inches 61 x 44 x 1 cm

Education & TrainingLocation / InstitutionYears
BAOxford Brookes2006
Graduate StudiesStaatliche Hochschule Für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt2008 – 2011

O’Connell’s work often explores the complex relationships between visual perception and mental processes, leveraging abstract forms and mixed media to delve into this dynamic interplay. Two particularly notable pieces that exemplify his approach include:

  • Bellagio (2011): A work that encapsulates O’Connell’s ability to marry painterly techniques with cognitive exploration.
  • Heydaze (2019): This piece, made from resin and jesmonite, showcases the artist’s signature use of materials to create depth and engage the viewer’s intellect.

Ruairiadh O’Connell makes his home in London, where he continues to produce art that challenges and redefines our understanding of abstract painting. His work is a testament to the ongoing evolution of abstract art, reminding us of its power to question and captivate.

6. Julia Crystal Kirillova

When we explore the sphere of contemporary abstract artists, we’re often seeking creators who push the boundaries of traditional techniques. Julia Crystal Kirillova is one such artist whose work stands out for its unique texture and composition, intertwining various materials to create pieces that capture the eye and imagination.

Julia Crystal Kirillova art


A couple of her notable masterpieces include:

  • Volumetric Abstraction: This artwork weaves together resin, semi-precious stones, and shavings of silver, creating a piece that emphasizes the natural beauty of minerals.
  • Contemporary Botanical Oil Art: In this series, Kirillova finds inspiration in floral artistry, which she believes elevates the soul with its intrinsic beauty.

Her journey into art began inspired by the natural science of minerals, an interest stemming from childhood. This influence is evident in her works where the use of semi-precious stones isn’t just a medium but a source of inspiration. Our appreciation for Kirillova’s art is reflected in the way she perceives the world—through the diverse and complex beauty of mineral stones.

7. Fuen Chin

When we explore contemporary abstract artists, Fuen Chin stands out with her unique style that melds traditional influences with modern abstract expression. We’re captivated by how her works embody a vibrant dynamism, reflecting her background in Chinese herbal medicine. These elements coalesce into calligraphic botanical paintings that are both rhythmic and boldly marked, offering us a window into her rich cultural heritage and artistic innovation.

Fuen Chin art

Lamella II by Fuen Chin Pinterest

Education & TrainingAchievements
Fine Arts BackgroundSpecial Edition Catalog Feature by Saatchi Art
Mastery of Calligraphic BotanyMultiple Exhibitions Globally

Among Fuen Chin’s portfolio, two particularly striking artworks capture our attention:

  • Hypermorph Garden 6.0: A piece that embodies the vigor and organic complexity of nature, priced at $8,800.
  • Hypermorphing 2.7: Valued at $5,800, this painting showcases the pulse and flow of her botanical calligraphy.

We’re always excited to discover how artists like Fuen Chin push the envelope and expand our understanding of contemporary abstract art through their stunning visual languages. Her works are a testament to the power of blending past and present, nature and artistry.

8. Angus Martin

As fans of contemporary abstract artists, we’re always excited to share highlights about creators who stand out in this vibrant art scene. Angus Martin certainly fits the bill with his distinctive approach to abstract art.

Angus Martin art

Intuitive Guidance by Angus Martin Pinterest

His work often reflects deeply on emotions, capturing the internal landscapes shaped by music, poetry, and the complexities of relationships. Through the use of fragmented shapes, he assembles forms that convey a sense of cohesion and emotional depth. Angus’s style personifies the emotional journey involved in love and relationships, making his art relatable and poignant.

Based inSydney, Australia
MediumsAcrylic, Ink
ThemesLove, Relationships, Emotions
Notable WorksJourney-Of-Self, Sonder (Black Ink)
Artistic ApproachFragmented shapes and forms to depict emotional resonance

It’s thrilling for us to see how Angus continues to capture the essence of contemporary life and emotion, contributing meaningfully to the world of contemporary abstract painters. His art invites us to ponder on our own experiences of love and the journey of self-discovery.

9. Jessica Snow

We often admire how contemporary abstract artists like Jessica Snow express themselves through vibrant visual languages. Born in 1964 in Berkeley, California, Snow has developed a unique artistic style that allows us to experience the harmony of color and form. Her artworks invite us to explore the playful interaction between ancient influences and modern design.

Jessica Snow art

Terra Incognita 1 by Jessica Snow Pinterest

BAUC Davis
MFAMills College
StudySkowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
Teaching PositionInstitutionSubject
ProfessorUniversity of San FranciscoPainting, Drawing, Art History

Jessica Snow’s artwork frequently comprises abstract paintings that are known for their lively and geometric aesthetics.

Two of her notable works include:

  • Dynamic Structure: An exploration of form and color that energizes the senses.
  • Rhythmic Patterns: A piece where bold shapes dance with subdued hues to form a visual melody.

Discover more about her contributions and exhibitions by visiting her biography and viewing her diverse art portfolio. Through her works, Jessica Snow continues to shape the dialogue within the world of contemporary abstract art, inspiring both seasoned aficionados and curious newcomers alike.

FAQ – Contemporary Abstract Artists

Who is the most famous abstract artist today?

Determining the “most famous” abstract artist today is subjective; however, artists like Gerhard Richter are highly renowned in the contemporary art world.

Is abstract art still relevant today?

Yes, abstract art is still relevant today, with museums and art centers showing a remarkable interest in it, indicating a golden age of abstraction in contemporary times.

Who is the queen of abstract art?

Sonia Delaunay is often referred to as the “Queen of Abstract Art” for her pioneering contributions to abstract art and design.

Who is the king of abstract art?

Jackson Pollock is frequently hailed as the “King of Abstract Expressionism,” known for his drip painting technique and significant impact on the movement.

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