Contemporary Mediterranean House Designs You’ll Love 2024

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Discover the allure of the contemporary Mediterranean house, where timeless beauty meets modern elegance. This architectural style seamlessly melds the warmth of Mediterranean tradition—think stucco walls and tiled roofs—with the clean lines and minimalism of contemporary design. Experience a home that offers the perfect balance of history and innovation, providing a living space that’s not only visually stunning but also tailored to the demands of modern living.

What is a Contemporary Mediterranean House?

We’re seeing a beautiful evolution in home design with the emerging popularity of the Contemporary Mediterranean house. This style merges the classic appeal of traditional Mediterranean architecture with the crisp, clean lines that define modern aesthetics, giving us spaces that feel both timeless and refreshingly new.

Key Characteristics

  • Design Elements: Embrace the charm of a Contemporary Mediterranean house through its distinct characteristics. Notably, these homes boast open floor plans and large windows, promoting an indoor-outdoor living experience that’s intrinsic to the Mediterranean lifestyle. Clean lines and minimalistic design blend seamlessly, creating spaces that are both functional and visually captivating.
  • Materials and Color Palette: We find the use of natural materials like stone, ceramic, and wrought iron, which honor the traditional roots, while contemporary updates are reflected in the subtlety of design and color. Expect to see a palette

Origin and Influences

AspectTraditional MediterraneanContemporary Update
AestheticOrnate, classic detailsSimplified, clean lines
Floor PlanCompartmentalized spacesOpen, fluid layouts
Indoor-OutdoorCourtyards, verandasSeamless transitions
MaterialsTerracotta, ironworkMixed, modern materials
Color PaletteWarm, earthy tonesBright, neutral shades

By embracing a Contemporary Mediterranean house, we invite a piece of European charm into our daily lives, enhanced with the clarity and simplicity that modern design bestows.

Contemporary Mediterranean House Interior Design

Mediterranean House contemporary

We’re thrilled to guide you through the distinctive elements that define the interior design of a contemporary Mediterranean house. The style is an elegant blend of modern sophistication and classic influences from the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Natural Texture and Color Palette

Natural Materials:

  • Marble: We often incorporate marble for its luxurious feel and natural elegance.
  • Stone: Stone accents provide an earthy, robust character to the living spaces.


  • Wood floor: A staple for adding warmth and a timeless look.
  • Terra Cotta: This material lends a traditional touch with its rich, natural hues.

Colors: Embrace a palette inspired by the seaside and countryside. Expect warm, earthy tones and the occasional pop of blues and greens that echo the landscapes.

Furniture and Accents

  • Furniture: Choose pieces that combine comfort with clean lines and artisan craftsmanship.
  • Accents: Opt for handcrafted ceramics and woven textiles to add layers of texture.

The furniture and décor in a contemporary Mediterranean home are all about balance—modern pieces set against the backdrop of classic architectural details. This style is grounded in tradition yet open to modern interpretation, perfect for creating an inviting and dynamic interior.

Architectural Elements of Contemporary Mediterranean Houses

contemporary Mediterranean House interiro design

As we explore the defining characteristics of a Contemporary Mediterranean house, let’s take a closer look at the various architectural elements that make these homes so unique and appealing.

Interior Configurations

In a Contemporary Mediterranean house, we often see a celebration of spaciousness and an embrace of natural light.

  • Open-concept layouts that effortlessly combine living, dining, and kitchen areas.
  • High ceilings with exposed beams, add a touch of rustic appeal.

Common materials include terracotta and wrought iron, accented by archways that help segregate spaces while maintaining an open feel. These archways not only serve a functional purpose but add an artistic touch that’s quintessentially Mediterranean.

Exterior Features

The exterior features of these homes are equally as splendid, typically showcasing:

  • Stucco walls with their classic smooth, white finish, give the homes their signature bright and airy look.
  • Red-tiled roofs are a visual staple and practical for the warm climates these homes often reside in.

Adding to the charm are features like ornate balconies and raw iron railings, which provide both beauty and functionality. Columns punctuate the outdoor spaces, upholding the traditional aesthetic of strength and grandeur.

Key Elements of Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces are the heart of a Contemporary Mediterranean house, blending the indoors with the natural beauty of the outside.

contemporary Mediterranean House outdoor living

Pools and Water Features

  • Pools: The centerpiece of many outdoor spaces, a pool provides both an area for exercise and a tranquil escape. In our Contemporary Mediterranean designs, we often incorporate infinity edges and integrated spas for a seamless look.
  • Water Features: Adding the soothing sound of flowing water, features like fountains and waterfalls create a serene atmosphere. They’re not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also promote a sense of calm.

Landscaping and Gardens

  • Landscaping: With attention to detail, we blend native plants that thrive in Mediterranean climates, such as lavender and rosemary, with drought-tolerant varieties for a practical yet lush landscape.
  • Gardens: Our gardens often feature raised beds and container planting, ensuring that fresh herbs and vegetables are at your fingertips, enriching your culinary experiences.

To truly capture the essence of the Mediterranean, we ensure that every inch of our courtyards and patios is meticulously crafted, invoking the spirit of alfresco living at its finest.

My Personal Best Room-Specific Features in a Contemporary Mediterranean House

Check this out! And I hope you can design your DREAM Contemporary Mediterranean House!

contemporary Mediterranean House landscape design


  • Island & Seating: We adore a spacious kitchen island with granite countertops. It’s perfect for morning breakfasts and also serves as a prep area.
  • Storage & Cabinets: Built-in shaker cabinets provide ample storage, keeping our essentials within reach but out of sight. The under-mount sink maintains clean lines, which is key for us in maintaining that sleek look.

Living Room

  • Natural Light & Views: A living room with floor-to-ceiling windows allows the Mediterranean sun to drench the space in warmth.
  • Ironwork & Wood: Raw iron details and carved wooden elements reflect the home’s traditional roots.


  • Ambiance & Comfort: We can’t get enough of a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary, where plush textiles meet tranquil hues.
  • Built-In Luxury: A modern bedroom in our home might sport a built-in wardrobe, offering an elegant storage solution.


  • Spa-like Atmosphere: A contemporary Mediterranean bathroom with a freestanding tub and an undermount sink nestled in a granite vanity makes us feel like we’re at a spa.
  • Tiles & Textures: We opt for natural stone tiles that bring in an element of the earthy outdoors.

Dining Room

  • Wine Storage: A dedicated space or wine cellar element in the dining room for displaying our collection is essential for us.
  • Open & Inviting: The dining room, with its open layout, makes for an inviting place to host our loved ones for memorable feasts.

FAQ – Contemporary Mediterranean House

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Contemporary Mediterranean-style architecture combines traditional Mediterranean elements with modern design, emphasizing indoor-outdoor living, open floor plans, and modern, clean lines.

How do you make a Mediterranean house look modern?

To modernize a Mediterranean house, consider lightening the interior with off-white neutral colors, updating floors, remodeling key areas like the kitchen and baths, and incorporating modern furniture and decor while maintaining classic architectural details.

What are Mediterranean-style homes called?

Mediterranean-style homes are often referred to as Mediterranean Revival, a term that encapsulates their historical and architectural roots, which are inspired by seaside Mediterranean region villas.

What is the average cost of a Mediterranean house?

The average cost of a Mediterranean house varies widely depending on location and size. In the United States, costs can range from $350,000 to over $1 million. More detailed pricing would be based on factors like square footage, materials, and specific site conditions.

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