Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum 2024: All You Need To Know

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Explore the cutting-edge world of art at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, a cultural gem in Mesa, Arizona. Here, contemporary art comes alive through five galleries showcasing both rising talents and celebrated artists. As part of the Mesa Arts Center, this museum is more than an exhibition space—it’s an interactive journey through the latest in artistic innovation. Engage with the museum’s diverse array of exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs, all designed to enrich the community and ignite your passion for modern creativity.

What is the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum?

All in short!

LocationDowntown Mesa, Arizona
Exhibition SpaceFive galleries
Art TypesContemporary visual arts
Programs OfferedExhibitions, hands-on classes, workshops for all ages
Operation HoursTuesday – Saturday: 10AM – 5PM; Sunday: Noon – 5PM
Special NotesRobust safety protocols in place, masks may be required

I find that the diversity of exhibitions and education programs truly brings the local and international art scenes into a harmonious dialogue. The galleries are thoughtfully curated, ensuring that each visit offers a fresh and engaging experience. With hands-on educational opportunities, I appreciate that the museum isn’t just a place to observe art—it’s a place where people of all ages can also learn about art.

It’s inspiring to see how the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum enriches the cultural landscape—bolstering a creative community and inviting everyone to partake in the beauty of contemporary art.

About Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

I’ve always been fascinated by how art reflects the spirit of our times, and Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is a hub where this sentiment comes to life. Nestled in the heart of Mesa, Arizona, this museum is a beacon for lovers of current art trends and cultural expressions.

Mission and Vision

The museum’s vision is to inspire visitors by offering a window into the world of contemporary art. Their mission is not just about displaying art, but also about fostering an appreciation for the diversity and quality of work produced by contemporary artists.

Permanent Collection

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is proud of its Permanent Collection, which continues to grow through the generosity of artists and donors. This evolving collection is a testament to the museum’s commitment to preserving and showcasing high-quality artwork.

Mesa Arts Center Connection

Being part of the Mesa Arts Center means the museum is at the crossroads of culture and community. The visual art exhibition space not only exhibits the work of internationally recognized artists, but also serves as a cultural touchstone for the vibrant and diverse artistic scene in the city.

Visiting the Museum

When I first visited the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, I was struck by its commitment to showcasing an array of contemporary art. It’s a place that truly celebrates the vibrancy of the arts scene in Mesa, Arizona.


Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is conveniently located at the Mesa Arts Center, near Mesa City Plaza. For parking, I found that the Sirrine Parking Garage is quite close and offers easy access to the museum.

Hours of Operation

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 10AM – 5PM
  • Sunday: Noon – 5PM
  • Monday: Closed

Remember, it’s always free to visit, which makes this place not just inspiring but also accessible.

Admission Information

There’s no need to purchase tickets – admission to the museum is free. But, I do suggest a donation if you can; it’s a great way to support the arts.

Safety Protocols

The museum values the well-being of its visitors and staff, implementing important safety protocols. During my visit, I made sure to comply with their guidelines, including reduced capacity and mask requirements, to ensure a safe environment for all.

Exhibitions and Events

When I visit Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, I’m always excited to discover the creative blend of exhibitions and events on offer. This vibrant art exhibition space caters to enthusiasts and professionals alike with dynamic displays and educational opportunities.

Current/Upcoming Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions:
As of my last visit, the museum features impactful contemporary art across five galleries. Exhibitions are carefully curated to present both emerging and internationally acclaimed artists.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
Scheduled programs are constantly updated to feature fresh, innovative work. Visitors can anticipate thought-provoking art that challenges perceptions and enriches the cultural conversation.

Juried Exhibitions

The museum is renowned for its annual Juried Exhibitions, which highlight the best in contemporary crafts and artworks. These exhibits showcase the rich creativity found across the country, giving recognized and upcoming artists a prestigious platform for their creations.

Events and Workshops

Art Workshops:
For hands-on experiences, I’ve seen a variety of art workshops designed to inspire and educate. From novice to expert, children to arts professionals, there’s a workshop to suit all skill levels.

Events & Lectures:
Regular events, including lectures by revered arts professionals, provide visitors with deeper insights into the world of contemporary art. These engaging sessions are a must for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the arts community.

Educational Programs and Resources

I’ve discovered that Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum offers a range of educational programs and resources that cater to learners of all ages. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to hone your skills in various art forms or an academic interested in conducting research, there’s something here for you.

Workshops and Classes

If hands-on learning is what you’re after, you’ll be thrilled to know that the museum provides a variety of workshops and classes. From working with metal and wood to exploring the intricacies of glass and ceramic art, these workshops are perfect for both beginners and seasoned crafters. Here’s a quick glimpse of what you might find:

  • Ceramics: Discover the delicate art of pottery through our guided workshops.
  • Glass Crafting: Learn how glass can be shaped into beautiful art pieces.
  • Metal & Wood: Find out how these robust materials are transformed in the hands of an artist.

Volunteer Docent Program

For those who have a passion for sharing art with others, my exploration led me to the Volunteer Docent Program at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. It’s a chance to become an art guide, providing visitors with insightful tours and enhancing their appreciation of contemporary art.

Research Opportunities

In the field of modern art, research plays a vital role, and the museum recognizes this. Academics and students can delve into our various research opportunities, utilizing resources that support a wide array of scholarly activities. Whether it’s ceramics you’re studying or another craft, the museum’s collections and exhibitions can serve as a valuable foundation for your research.

Getting Involved

I find that the heart of any vibrant art institution lies in its community and the support it garners. At the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, there are ample opportunities for individuals to contribute, be it through donations or engaging creatively within the museum’s distinct art studios.

Donations and Support

How Your Donations Help:
Your support through donations makes a direct impact on the museum’s ability to showcase cutting-edge exhibitions and support the work of contemporary artists, including notable figures like Allyson Grey and Alex Grey.

  • Monetary Contributions: Your financial support sustains ongoing programs and exhibitions.
  • In-Kind Donations: Gifts of services or goods aid the museum’s daily operations and special events.

Each contribution, large or small, reinforces the museum’s mission and extends its reach within the art community.

Art Studios and Residency

Engage with Creation:
For those wishing to delve deeper into the world of contemporary art creation, the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum offers art studio spaces where creativity can flourish.

  • Resident Companies: At the core of our creative ecosystem, resident companies provide a diverse range of artistic productions.
  • Volunteer Docent Program: By becoming a docent, you can guide visitors through the museum, sharing insights about the works of Ron English, Amanda Sage, and Wiley Wallace, among others.

I encourage you to consider how you might lend your talents or resources to the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum; it’s a place where your involvement truly makes a difference.

My Experience with the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

Visiting the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum always feels like a breath of fresh air, allowing me to immerse myself in the vibrant world of contemporary art. As someone deeply passionate about the latest art movements, the museum’s rotating exhibitions are a constant source of inspiration and discussion.

Exhibit NameMy HighlightsInteractivity
Various ShowsCurated collections by both emerging talents and noteworthy figuresAbility to engage with some installations

During my visits, I’ve been fortunate to view pieces by trailblazing artists whose works challenge traditional boundaries. The exhibitions are thoughtfully curated, providing a narrative that connects me to the art on a personal level.

  • Staff and Environment: The museum’s staff are always welcoming — with a wealth of knowledge that enhances each visit. The galleries themselves are a testament to minimalistic design, emphasizing the art without overwhelming the senses.
  • Community Events: Moreover, I appreciate the museum’s effort to engage with the local community through opening receptions and educational programs, adding a layer of connectivity between artists and art enthusiasts like myself.

The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum stands as a jewel in Arizona’s art scene, and for me, it represents a haven where the pulse of contemporary creativity beats the strongest.

FAQ – Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

How much does it cost to go to the Mesa Art Museum?

Admission to the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is free.

Is Mesa Arts Center free?

While admission to the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum at Mesa Arts Center is free, other performances and events may require purchased tickets.

Is the ASU Art Museum free?

Yes, admission to the ASU Art Museum is free.

Where is the best place to sit at the Ikeda Theatre?

The best place to sit at the Ikeda Theater can vary depending on personal preferences and the specific event. However, many patrons prefer seating in the center orchestra section for an optimal balance of view and acoustics. For detailed views from specific seats, you can refer to photos and reviews from past attendees on A View From My Seat.

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