10 Ideas How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior 2024

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How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior: Learn quick and effective ways to bring a sleek, contemporary feel to your home, from color updates to architectural accents. Dive into strategies that merge modern aesthetics with the charm of your split-level, ensuring a fresh and inviting look.

What Defines a Modern Split-Level Home Exterior?

When we think about how to modernize a split-level home exterior, we are envisioning a transformation that boosts curb appeal and updates the look with contemporary design elements.

Simplified Roof LinesModern exteriors often showcase sleek, straightforward roof lines rather than the traditional complexity of split-level designs.
Mixed MaterialsCombining different textures and materials like stone, wood, and metal can provide a visually interesting and up-to-date appearance.
Neutral Color PaletteModern homes tend to use subtle and neutral colors, with bold accents sparingly for pop and personality.
Updated WindowsReplacing old windows with energy-efficient ones not only saves on utility bills, but also gives your home a fresh, current look with slimmer frames.
Contemporary LightingChoosing modern light fixtures can illuminate your home’s exterior and accentuate the architectural details.
Enhanced LandscapingA simple yet modern landscaping design using native plants and minimalist principles complements the modernized exterior.

As we explore these elements, it’s clear that modernizing isn’t just about appearance. It’s about creating a cohesive, functional design that meshes with current trends and lifestyles. Remember to consider the practical as well as the aesthetic for a truly modern update to your split-level home’s exterior.

10 Ways How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior

When it comes to transforming our split-level home, we’ve discovered that the exterior offers ample opportunities for modernizing.

10. Update the Siding

Split-Level Home Exterior Update the Siding

Updating the siding can significantly alter the aesthetic of our home. We can embrace modern vibes by mixing materials or by selecting new siding that offers a clean and updated look.

9. Add Architectural Features

Split-Level Home Exterior Architectural Features

Incorporating new architectural details like modern trim or decorative elements can break the monotony of a traditional split-level design. Elements such as sleek lines or minimalist designs can give the exterior a contemporary edge.

8. Upgrade Windows and Doors

Split-Level Home Exterior Windows and Doors

By replacing old windows and doors, we not only improve energy efficiency but also give our home a fresh, modern appearance. Consider large windows that let in more light or sleek, new door designs that reflect a modern aesthetic.

7. Create a Focal Point

Split-Level Home Exterior Focal Point

Designing a focal point on the exterior, like a bold front door or a distinctive lighting feature, draws attention and sets a modern tone. This directs the eye and underscores the updated style of our home.

6. Modernize Landscaping

Split-Level Home Exterior Landscaping

Landscaping is integral to our home’s curb appeal. We can modernize our space by opting for clean lines, geometric patterns, and plants that are both hardy and stylish. Structures like pergolas or minimalist garden designs can add a contemporary touch.

5. Add Outdoor Lighting

Split-Level Home Exterior Outdoor Lighting

Strategic lighting can heighten the modern appeal of our split-level home after sunset. We can light up walkways, highlight architectural features, and improve security with modern fixtures.

4. Upgrade Exterior Finishes

Split-Level Home Exterior Upgrade Exterior Finishes

Modernizing may entail upgrading our gutters, downspouts, and trim with newer, more contemporary materials. Metallic finishes, for instance, can offer a sleek look that complements a modernized exterior palette.

3. Integrate Sustainable Features

Split-Level Home Exterior Sustainable Features

Sustainable features like solar panels or environmentally friendly building materials speak volumes of our home’s modernization. They’re not just good for the planet, they’re also good for our home’s value and aesthetic.

2. Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

Split-Level Home Exterior Outdoor Living Spaces

We can extend the livability of our homes by designing modern outdoor living spaces. Think minimalist decks, chic outdoor kitchens, or serene lounge areas that reflect a modern lifestyle.

1. Use a Contemporary Color Palette

Split-Level Home Exterior Contemporary Color Palette

Employing a contemporary color palette can define our home’s modern appeal. Neutral hues with bold accents or monochromatic schemes can all be part of realizing a current and fresh visual narrative for our home.

Evaluating Your Home’s Current Exterior

When figuring out how to modernize a split-level home exterior, it’s crucial to start by assessing what you’re working with right now.

Identifying Dated Features

Often, the telltale signs of a dated architectural style are found in the materials and design elements that were trendy at the time of construction. For split-level homes, this often points to a time capsule of the 1970s. Key dated features may include:

  • Façade materials: Look for faux stone panels or old-fashioned vinyl siding.
  • Color scheme: Outdated hues, such as yellow or avocado green, might be visible.

Assessing Existing Conditions

Next up, let’s inspect the condition of the exterior:

  • Exterior siding: Check for warping, fading, or cracking.
  • Natural light: Note how much light penetrates the space, considering the size and placement of existing windows.

By examining these areas, we lay the groundwork for a successful transformation of your split-level home’s exterior into a modern and inviting space.

Planning Your Exterior Remodel

As we embark on the journey of how to modernize a split-level home exterior, it’s essential we take a step-by-step approach to plan our exterior remodel. We’ll need to set a realistic budget, select a color palette that complements our home’s design, and choose the right materials that are both sustainable and energy-efficient.

Setting a Budget

First and foremost, establishing our budget is crucial. It determines the scope of our project and impacts our choices down the line.

  • Itemize potential expenses
  • Allocate funds for unexpected costs

By doing this, we ensure we have a clear financial plan in place that allows us to achieve a modern look without compromising the quality or ending up with half-finished projects.

Choosing a Color Palette

Next, selecting a color palette that reflects our personal style while enhancing the modern aesthetics of our home. For clean lines and a contemporary feel, we might consider:

  • Neutral hues for a minimalist appearance
  • Bold accents that highlight architectural features
  • Harmonious color transitions between different levels

Color choice is not just about aesthetic appeal; it’s also about creating visual continuity that ties the whole exterior together.

Selecting Materials

Finally, the materials we choose play a pivotal role in modernizing our split-level home exterior. We aim for materials that offer both style and functionality.

  • Energy-efficient options to reduce our ecological footprint
  • Durable and sustainable materials such as recycled steel or composite siding
  • Textures that provide contemporary contrast and depth

By considering these factors, we ensure that our remodel is not just visually pleasing but also built to last and kind to the environment. Remember, the materials we pick today shape the look and feel of our home for years to come.

Exterior Update Strategies

When we explore how to modernize a split-level home exterior, we look at key elements that make a significant impact. These updates can breathe new life into our homes, from the doors and windows to the siding and roof.

Upgrading Doors and Windows

Updating our front door and windows can instantly elevate the curb appeal of our split-level home. We might consider choosing a bold color for the door to make a statement or selecting durable materials to increase longevity. Modern windows not only improve the aesthetic but also the home’s energy efficiency. Swapping outdated shutters and window trim with sleek, modern designs can also substantially change the look of our home.

Revamping Siding and Trim

The siding is a massive part of our home’s exterior and swapping out old, worn siding for new fiber cement siding or vinyl siding can dramatically update the appearance. The texture of our siding is crucial, as it adds character and depth. Adding or replacing trim around windows and doors with fresh styles can also accentuate these features and enhance the overall modern feel.

Improving Roof and Focal Points

If our roof is old or detracting from our home’s appeal, installing a new roof with architectural shingles or a metal roof is not only durable but also adds modernity. A home’s focal points, like the entryway or porch, can be redesigned to create an inviting atmosphere. Consider a patio or deck as an extension of the home that provides a fresh and functional update.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

When we discuss how to modernize a split-level home exterior, transforming its curb appeal is key. This involves smart updates to lighting, accessories, and landscaping, which together create a visual symphony that’s both welcoming and contemporary.

Modernizing Lighting and Accessories

Updating exterior lighting is a powerful move. Replacing outdated fixtures with sleek, recessed lighting or chic, visible light fixtures brightens the home and enhances safety. Consider energy-efficient LED options that complement your split-level architecture. Illuminate your walkway, front porch, and driveway to not only add functionality but also to invite guests into a warm, ambient atmosphere.

For accessories, start with the details, like a modern mailbox, stylish house numbers, and elegant hardware on your front entry. These elements, though small, make a profound difference in updating the overall look of your home.

Landscaping for a Contemporary Look

Landscaping serves as the natural art of your property. Incorporating fresh, low-maintenance plants, eye-catching trees, or even a simple water feature can make a world of difference. Begin by delineating your pathway with ornamental grasses or shrubs that lead eyes and footsteps to your modernized home.

For the backyard or deck, consider building an outdoor living space framed by vibrant planters and privacy trees that create an oasis. Well-planned outdoor areas not only extend living space but significantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

When we talk about how to modernize a split-level home exterior, creating inviting outdoor living spaces becomes a top priority. It’s a game-changer for entertaining, relaxation, and seamlessly connecting our home’s interior with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Building Decks and Patios

Building a deck or patio is a strategic move in opening up our split-level homes to more modern outdoor living. We want to choose sustainable materials that promise durability and low maintenance. Composite decking or natural stone can offer longevity and add a sophisticated touch to our space. For a unified look, consider an open floor plan that allows the deck or patio to flow naturally from the inside of the house.

Sustainable Material Options:

  • Composite decking
  • Natural stone pavers
  • Recycled plastic

Design Considerations:

  • Seamless connection with indoor spaces
  • Low-maintenance requirements
  • Adequate size for entertaining

Integrating with the Backyard

To fully embrace the concept of an outdoor living space, integrating our deck or patio with the backyard brings the indoors out. Planting a garden that complements our architectural style can enhance this integration. A patio surrounded by lush greenery or a deck with built-in planters is not just visually appealing but also creates a sense of continuity between home and nature.

Integration Ideas:

  • Garden beds that complement the home’s style
  • Built-in planters on the deck
  • Pathways that lead to different areas of the backyard, promote exploration and fluid movement.

FAQ – How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior

How can I make my split-level house look better outside?

Modernize your split-level exterior by using a mix of materials like cedar, stone, and stucco, adding black windows, and choosing a fresh paint color like classic grays or off-whites.

How do you make a split-level more modern?

To modernize a split-level home, create an open floor plan, update the kitchen and bathrooms, add contemporary materials like metal or glass, and refresh the exterior with new siding, colors, and textures. Enhancing curb appeal with landscaping and modern lighting can also help.

How do you add value to a split-level house?

To add value to a split-level house, consider remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, creating an open floor plan, increasing natural light with larger windows or skylights, and updating the exterior with new siding or façade materials.

What color should I paint my split-level home?

For a split-level home, neutral tones such as grays, off-whites, and ivories are trendy and can complement the architectural style. These colors also work well for both interiors and exteriors.

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